Product Care

Leather Bags Care

As our leather bags are made from genuine leather, there will be natural color variations that make each bag unique and different. To maintain your leather bag, wipe it clean regularly with a soft, dry cloth.

Only use colorless leather care products and test them first on a less visible area.

Don’t wash your bag or use any chemical cleaners. Try to keep it dry and avoid contact with damp or wet surfaces.

The outside material of our bags is water resistant. We try to protect our products as much as possible against moisture by using a water resistant material both on the outside of the bag and on the inside lining.

Light and water can cause this water resistant layer to wear off and prolonged exposure to rain may cause leaking through seams and zippers. You can help protect your bag by treating it regularly with a water repellent product.


Fabric product Care

The following are general care tips for cleaning and caring for specialty clothes.

We recommend that you clean them as little as possible. Always test clean on a small area, preferably a corner or backside of the material. When cleaning, alternate between dry-cleaning and hand-washing because dry cleaning will not retain the natural fiber oils as will hand-washing.

Do not clean in a washing machine because it will harm the construction and malign the color. Do not iron items which are dirty or stained.

When washing by hand always use cold water and a mild natural soap or detergent. Do not leave the fabric in water for a long time.

For drying, do not rub or wring the fabric. Roll in a towel to remove excess water. Spread the textile out on a flat absorptive surface such as a towel in the shade. Never hang when wet as the fibers will stretch.

If dry cleaning, always request expert dry-clean using a short cleaning cycle and low power solvents.