The generational thinker – an inspiring documentary

The Generational Thinker - An Inspiring Documentary


Businesses nor individuals last forever. Everything has an end. We have to leave a mark for the generations to follow. This thought is why Uvolox LLC came up with this beautiful, inspiring idea of doing a video on ‘Generational Thinker.’ We hope you would like it and it will make a profound impact on the societies to follow. 


The inspiration for creating this video documentary came from a sermon called “A Generational Thinker” by “Dr. Pastor Mensa Otabil.” 

Dr. Pastor Mensa Otabil is a Ghanaian theologian, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the International Central Gospel Church, headquartered in Accra, Ghana. He is also the founder and Chancellor of Central University College and CEO of Otabil and Associates, an executive and Leadership Growth Consultancy. 


Kwadwo Bediako, the CEO at Uvolox LLC, is a serial entrepreneur and participates in societal causes since day 1. Kwadwo Bediako is originally from Ghana and has been doing social work for the needy for years. 

On Generational thinking, Kwadwo Says,

“This sermon from Dr. Mensa Otabil touched my heart because it reminds me of why I started Uvolox. I started Uvolox on behalf of my daughter. I wanted to leave a legacy behind for her to follow when I am not around. I did not build the Uvolox brand for myself; I made it for my daughter and her children so life would be more comfortable for future generations. Every time I get tired or want to stop, I think about my daughter and her future, and this is the sole reason that inspired me to create this mini-documentary.” 

We at Uvolox genuinely believe we can make a difference by starting today. The waiting game is only going to cause more and more destruction. Allow yourself to begin thinking about our future generations today. Let us start making a difference.