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Composition — Textile 

Material: Faux Suede (90% Polyester, 10% Spandex)

Style: Casual Crewneck Sweater

Sleeve Style: Short sleeves & Long sleeves

Seasons: Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring

Pointer-With this design, you can zip the sleeves onto the short sleeves and turn them into the long sleeve to wear in cold weather



Rolling up the long sleeves for making it short in not an issue now as the UX Attachable Sleeves shirt features an innovative solution to curb it. You don’t need to cuff them up, instead, detach them by zipping them down entirely to get short sleeves instead. This feature of detaching a sleeve is a unique addition in men’s styling and we are proud to have designed such comfortable designing that can be taken up by men of any age group, particularly for travel purposes. Buy it now and style this shirt with comfy or denim jeans!



  • 90% polyester is used in our product to give durability and improves shrinkage of fabric.
  • 10% Spandex used in our product gives resistance to wear and tear caused by sweat, detergents, and body oils. It prevents bagging and sagging of material.
  • Due to spandex, the shirt will gain its original length and shape despite repeated stretching. Wear it to show our team style.
  • The material used is Faux Suede which is smooth and soft.




This relaxed fit shirt features long sleeves zipper to zip up the long sleeves with short sleeves to make it your winter look. If you want to enjoy all the weather with your favorite shirt then this must be the perfect choice for you. You can enjoy half sleeves in summer and rock it on. Long sleeves will provide you with better coverage and highlight your arms. The perfect fit will make you feel cozy. Make it work by layering shirts or jackets on to it to make it versatile and handsome.

The full-length opening in the front adds extra spark to the shirt. The well-gripped buttons with vibrant colors make it classy.



    Model height: 6’3 foot

    Wearing size: Large