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Composition — Textile 

Material: Faux Suede (90% Polyester, 10% Spandex)

Style: Casual Jogger Pants

Pant Style: Long and short Pants

Seasons: Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer

Pointer-With this design, you can zip or attached a piece of the material and turn the shorts into long pants to wear in cold weather



If you are the lover of lightweight, high-quality pants with zip-off legs that becomes shorts in seconds then these UX Attachable shorts are completely your style to wear. These pants are enriched with the feature of Versatility and Raggedness. Detachable Joggers’ Pants are an ideally perfect choice for sports wears, outdoor activities and travelling. Buy it now and make this useful outfit a part of your daily wear for comfort and style.



  • The use of 90% polyester gives soft-touch fabric and makes it inexpensive and cheap for buying and using in everyday life. It absorbs the moisture and helps in avoiding the shrinkage of fabric and maintaining a long-lasting look.
  • Spandex is a lightweight fabric that is used to prove stretch to clothes or sportswear. 10% Spandex used in the UX Detachable Joggers’ Pants which gives resistance to wear and tear caused by sweat, detergents, and body oils. It prevents bagging and sagging of material.



UX Attachable shorts is more than a luxury due to their usefulness. You can wear it in all the seasons and can switch it back and forth accordingly. Front zip closure with embedded buttons provide the perfect fit for these pants. The two slant side pockets on both sides enhance the style of these pants and you can keep many things in them. The hems of shorts are nicely stitched which doesn’t irritate the body when is touched. The elastic waistband with casual fit can make you more comfortable and you look handsome. To enhance the style or more fit you can use the belt to make it more formal.


    Model height: 6’4 foot

    Wearing size: XLarge